Hi, I'm Arie!

My initial interest in photography began back in highschool. I was "that one friend" who always had their camera capturing snapshots of every moment. Shortly after starting college, I rented a Canon from the school's Art Department and have stuck with it ever since. It's safe to say, that I went from getting my degree in Social Work to achieving a degree in Fine Arts. Since 2012, I've worked for and studied under several professional portrait and wedding photographers across the US. Since starting my career I have photographed a variety of weddings in every region of the country; ranging from traditional, non-traditional, to same-sex. I'm open to just about any and everything. My goal is to capture authentic expression that you can cherish throughout the years. 

Do you like being stuck in a studio, surrounded by props and hot lights for an hour?

No? I couldn't agree more. I highly recommend outdoor settings in your yard, a park or at a beautiful garden. I always go into my on-location sessions with a rough outline of what I would like to capture, but with nature there's always room to go off-script. In a more natural settings, it gives you space to be yourself. I'm open for just about anything. Let's find something that best represents you, your significant other; your family. 

If you're adding a tiny human to your family, getting married, engaged, or a first-time proposer don't hesitate to inquire within. These are very important times in your life, and for most, they only happen once. The ones you love in this lifetime are what's most important to you and that's something you want to have an everlasting hold on.