Since I am severely behind on blogging, I decided to post this on their 1 Year Anniversary!

Happy Anniversay Mr. & Mrs. Pinnock!

Now, let's take a look back on your special day.  

A little bit over 2 months before the wedding, Nadia contacted me with photographing their wedding. It was to be a small, intimate wedding with only family and close friends. The request sounded wonderful. I agreed to it with zero hesitation. Small weddings are always the best, in my personal opinion. It's more personal. You get a chance to really connect with everyone in the room. To find out that it was a Destination Wedding and that her and fiance, Pierre, were to fly in from the U.K was a plus! I was beyond excited and came prepared to tackle on the big day!

Wedding Contributors

Photographer: Arie T. Photography

Venue: Hilton Bentley

Event Coordinator: Claudia Angurell

DJ: A Gentleman's Dj Service

Wedding Planner: Nadia, The Bride


The day was off to a rough start, I'll admit. It rained most of the day; the skies were gloomy and the bride's ride was an hour late for pick up. When she finally arrived, 30 mins after the initial start time, we started the ceremony right away. I was total "heart eyes" at the ceremony. From the way the Bride's gown blew in the wind, to the way their close family and friends looked on in awe.

Despite the weather and chasing the sunlight, I think it all turned out lovely. I had to sneak the Bride and Groom outside after dinner to get a few shots of them together. We only had a few minutes in between eating and speeches, but we made it work. 


Everyone was happy and enjoying themselves so that's all that matters, at the end of the day. 

To Nadia and Pierre, 
Thanks for having me and allowing me to be a part of your big day. I know it may have been super stressful trying to communicate and plan a wedding from the other side of the world, but you did swell! I enjoyed you and your families. Everyone was so welcoming. I wish you two the best in love and in life. Keep it fun! 
xx, Arie
P.S. I plan on taking future trips to the U.K. I hope to see you two, again :)