I'm backlogged on my blog posts, so please forgive me :( By now, this lovely couple is married. However, this session was nothing short of fun. Now, let's take a look back on this day!

Photographer: Arie T. Photography

MUA: Bri Soffa

On October 22nd, 2016, we planned to do a beautiful engagement session at Bayfront Park. There's a beautiful fountain, greenery, as well as access to the beach in the park. We had a plan on what we were going to do, little did we know that the Ironman Triathlon was happening that weekend. There were banners, flags, tents and all types of people and bikers all throughout the park. There was no way we were going to be able to find a blank space for their engagement photos.

While waiting for Ananda and Jose to arrive, I walked around to find the best possible spot. I ended up settling under a tear near the Marketplace. This was my first semi-styled engagement session; I wish more clients would be open to themes. It made for a more relaxed setting with some things from home, music, drinks, and snacks.


The highlight of my day was their dog Dolce (yes, like Dolce&Gabbana) and she was a complete doll. She had her little feathers on and everything. Keep in mind that I've never done a photoshoot with pets before, so it was a bit of challenge. Between trying to keep Dolce's attention with snacks and squeaky toys while snapping pictures and nearly falling, I was able to capture the key shots that they really wanted. We even had time to get a few shots in front of the buildling where they first met! 

It was really fun. I'll admit, I enjoyed working with pets and owners. In this case, Dolce was more of a baby; a part of the family and nothing less. I could really feel the love and connection between all three of them. Ananda was super grateful that I captured these moments with them. Dolce is getting up there in doggy years *inserts sad face*, so it was very important that she be a part of this. 

To Ananda and Jose, 
It was a pleasure meeting and getting to know you two. I truly enjoyed capturing this amazing part of your life. Thank you welcoming me into your world and trusting my vision 100%. I had so much fun with you and Dolce, and I'll never forget our time together. I know I am super late on blogging and you two have already married. CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm super excited for you and the years to come. I wish you both unconditional love and all the happiness that you can handle plus more! :) If you ever make a trip to LA, get in touch. (or if you'd like me to capture any other life events, keep me in mind)
xxx, Arie