A week earlier, I receive a request of what I thought was just another inquire that would not lead anywhere. Boy, was I wrong. Mr. E contacted me with details about a special day he had planned. He was to marry his high school sweetheart. However, they weren't to have a big wedding celebration but he wanted to be to remember this day forever. Because of the time constraint, I wasn't able to meet with them for a pre-consultation which was  a bit of a bummer. Anyway, we went ahead and set a time after they eloped and that was that. 


The day came, and let me just tell you I WAS NER-VOUS! I can't even began to explain how nervous I was. I'm like that when it comes to meeting strangers. I completely over-packed for my session with them. My boyfriend will tell you. He laughed so hard at me that morning. But for those of you that know me, know that I rather have too much than not enough. Even with 2 huge pages full of equipment and props, I still felt like I left something. 


I arrived to the park via Uber with no clue as to where I'm supposed to be at. Problem #1. I'm at the beach, when I need to be up in the front at the park. So I start walking, which was more than a mile or so up the road. Now I'm dripping sweat, irritated and thirsty. In my mind, I'm thinking, "There's no way this session is going to be good." I felt horrible.

.......I was wrong. I finally made it to the park and started scouting spots. The Mr. & Mrs. arrived on time. They were just gorgeous as ever. The were just a breathe of fresh air.

From our greeting, they were excited and so was I. We got to know a little bit about each other while we walked to my desired spots. It was kind of like an on-the-spot pre-consult. In a way I felt like I already knew them.


The session was a breeze.


The love they have for one another was evident and I loved every bit of it! 


I'm glad that I've incorporated in-person reveals into my business because the emotional reactions to their finished photos was priceless. I almost cried at the fact that they wanted all of the photos. That's how much they loved them.


 The session was a success and the overall experience was simply amazing. I believe I've gained new clients and new friends after this. So, I want to thank you Mr. & Mrs. Ermonfils for loving my vision and being one of my dream clients. I can't wait to capture more memories for you to cherish<3