When I first moved to Miami, Tyjai was one of the first models I had the pleasure of working with. And fortunately, we've been by eachother's side ever since! It's not too often you meet someone who's trying to perfect their craft, like you, and is still willing to look out. She is always the first model I reach out to when I have anything creative to shoot and I would like to think she does the same.

.....or is that asking too much? haha

When Tyjai and I first met eachother, she had a head full of curly locs. Beautiful, beautiful hair. That's what I always referred to her as when my friends and family asked me about the model I was working with. She was "the girl with the huge afro." That was until this year. This year Tyjai cut all of her curly locs off. Literally. She was as low as a fade. It caught me completely off guard, but I loved it. And that's what I love about this crazy girl. She doesn't care about what anyone else thinks. She does what she wants. She does it for numero uno. It's all about self love and she radiates with it. She makes me feel like I'm invincible when I have the camera in my hands and I want to thank you for that! YOU'R THE BOMB TY-GIRL! So that's why I thought she would be perfect for my next styled shoot.

Our most recent one-on-one photoshoot was for a fashion magazine submission. The theme was Androgyny.

The idea was to challenge gender norms, while looking as cool as possible, better yet, AS GANGSTA as possible. 

I'm fairly sure we NAILED IT. 

The greatest part of the whole photoshoot was that neither of us are smokers, so we had no idea how to actually light the cigar. On top of that, once we finally figured out how to get it lit, we choked on the smoke. But since she's so such a pro, she kept her cool the entire time. 

Unfortunately, we weren't published this time. But overall we had a great time and got some cool shots of of it! 

Until next time ........