I'm in the process of making Monthly Creative Shoots a habit. There are many times when we get complacent with things and begin to lose what makes us artists. We get stuck in a certain style or flow of things. That has happen to me too many times before and in those times, I tend to stray away from photography as a whole. SO to keep things exciting when my incoming session are running low, I ideas out into the universe and see if there are other creatives who are willing to help bring it to life! 

This time around, I wanted to do a shoot centered around Floral Headdresses. Fortunately, I am D.I.Y inclined and was able to put together the headdresses at a very low cost. Admittedly, I was nervous about requesting makeup artists and hair stylists to collab with. Mind you, I've never worked with one before so I didn't know what to expect. I'm accustomed to working directly with the model and they do their own styling. This time around I wanted to have more control over the whole situation, since it was for a magazine submission. Surprisingly, everything went beyond great! 

I had soooooo many creative ladies reach out to me. I felt quite bad that I had to narrow down the team to 5 ladies. (One model cancelled at last minute, so much for "having control" over the situation. I thought it was going to ruin everything, but it didn't. I couldn't have asked for a better team to work with.) 

The Team:

Photographer: Arie T. Photography

Makeup Artist: Rochiani 

Hairstylist: Hair Tease by Kay

Model: Noralice Q. 

Model: Tyjai H. 


These ladies were beyond amazing. I was so nervous about the shoot day. I didn't know if everyone would show up on time. If we would click. I'm telling you .....my mind was everywhere that day of and leading up to it. I'm happy to say that all those thoughts and feelings washed away as soon as people started arriving at my house. 

Tyjai showed up early. Crazy girl, but everyone else wasn't too far behind her. So fresh out the gate, I'm running around like a crazy person with a robe on. haha. Nothing that Activewear can't fix. Quick Fix. and I'm ready! We get started on hair and makeup.



I got some music playing. We start talking. And just like that .......WE CLICK! I don't think I've instantly felt a connection with a group of strangers before. I loved it. It was refreshing to meet like-minded creative women (of color) that are just trying to network and build a successful business. I loved, loved, LOVE IT! 

Once at the photoshoot location, I wish I would have taken a before photo of how dull the area was. I brought some cheap garlands to make the location look more elegant. The compliments I got about my creativity was beyond appreciated. It only made me more confident in what I was about to partake in. 

One of the photo spots.

One of the photo spots.

Let The Photoshoot Begin! 

I'm happy to see that my two models, Noralice and Tyjai, were super comfortable with eachother and completely in sync. 

Models: Noralice & Tyjai

Models: Noralice & Tyjai

When I tell you these girls were working ...THEY WERE WERKIN'! I couldn't take it. I was too excited. To see them just as serious and passionate about their craft as I am ....I was speechless! 

Overall, my creative shoot was a complete success. Unfortunately, we weren't chosen for the magazine publication. But I got to meet and work with some amazingly talented women. Plus, I feel we created some beauty together. I want to thank you ladies for traveling from distant lands (some further than others), sacrificing a good night's sleep, a day's eating and extreme temperatures for me.  I couldn't have asked for a better team. I wish nothing less than the best for all of you in your careers and businesses and know I will always look your way first when opportunities present themselves! 

Bottom pic (left to right) Model Noralice, MUA Rochiani, Me(Photographer), Hairstylist Kay, Model Tyjai. 

Bottom pic (left to right) Model Noralice, MUA Rochiani, Me(Photographer), Hairstylist Kay, Model Tyjai.