Quince Photography Miami with Sofi

Before moving to Miami, I never dabbled in Quinceanera's. Where I'm from (Michigan) there aren't many people that celebrate them, so it was a tiny step out of my comfort zone. I specialize in family photography and some wedding photography. However, I have done a handful of fashion photoshoots since moving to Miami and that gave me the extra experience I needed when it comes to fashionable teenagers. I had a ball and I think Sofi can co-sign on that and say the same. So if you're looking for Quince photography in Miami, contact me! 

Click to view photos from our Miami Quince Session.

Click to view photos from our Miami Quince Session.

Sofi's Quinceanera session wasn't your average quince photoshoot. Her first session was all about her as a young teen. There was no big ball gown, just her natural self in a soothing atmosphere. We both got up early enough to make it down to Miami Beach at sunrise. Basically, we needed to be there no later than 6 am. I, personally, always have such a rush before photoshoots and this one wasn't any different. I was up before my alarm. Believe that? I didn't regret one bit of it. I got there early enough to pick out some last minute spots for some extra photos and it all worked out in our favor. 

Enjoy the slideshow below of Sofi's Quince photos taken at South Pointe Beach.

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Quince Photography Miami by Arie T. Photography

The sunrise was breathtaking and the weather was perfect. I wish everyone would book sunrise or even sunset photoshoots with me. It's calming and the overall experience tends to run a lot smoother. I can't wait until the next one.

To Sofi, 
My dear. My confident fashionista. You are spectacular. There aren't many young teenage girls who are as bold and as confident as you. I speak from experience, I was no where near as confident or outgoing as you are. I'm just now learning to be bold and confident as an adult! As you grow, there will be many people who will try to come into your life and dim your light. I say forget those people and shine even brighter. It will be hard, but never lose sight of who you are. You are refreshing and I'm glad to have had the opportunity to meet you and your family. I love our sessions and meetings together. There's never a dull moment. 
Shine bright like a Diamond, Sofi! 
Always and Forever,