Michigan Wedding with the Turner's

Believe it or not, this was my first official wedding as a lead and nothing was easy about it! I was beyond stress leading up to the Big Day. From watching tons of webinars of wedding photographers to asking all my Wedding Photog. friends on tips and tricks to make the day run smoothly. 

The day before the wedding I flew into Michigan uber excited and overly-stressed about what could go wrong and how I would tackle it, but I was ready! 


I started the day with a plan, but of course when you make plans you're asking the universe to try its best to break them. And that's exactly what happened. The Groomsmen didn't arrive at the agreed time, so I started to panic thinking that there's no way I will be able to do all the photos post-ceremony. (screams internally)

However, this gave me plenty of time to get detailed photos of the location! 

The Wedding Contributors

Wedding Planner: Luvone's Beautiful Occasions ( FB | IG )

Cake Artist: R.J's Heavenly Delights ( FB )

The day went smoothly! This wedding was nothing short of beautiful. The weather this day couldn't have been more perfect. The wedding was so colorful, emotions were high and love was in the air! 

The ceremony was quick and easy, but the portraits of the wedding party was BY FAR my favorite part! I'll be honest, I was initially intimidated about handling such a large group of people. It all worked out in the end. I stressed for no reason at all. I also have to give a big kudos to my second shooter Iva for keeping me calm and reassuring me that we CAN AND WILL HANDLE THE DAY LIKE BOSSES! haha  Everyone was in a great mood. You could tell that this close group of friends and family were genuinely happy for the Bride and Groom. 

I'm so grateful for this opportunity to be a part of such a beautiful celebration. I want to thank Courtney and Brandy for choosing me to document such an important time in their lives. I wish them the best on this new journey together. Much love and laughter to you both.

P.S I will be looking forward to many anniversaries and photoshoots when you're both old and gray! haha