I've never captured a surprise proposal before, so to say I was nervous is an understatement. I didn't know if I would approach the couple all wrong and somehow give it away. See, here was the plan:

I was to casually browse the grounds of Vizcaya; Blend in sort of speak (but stay in the area of the teahouse). Once Paolo and Valeria arrived, I was to casually ask to take their photo. I would then explain that I am a photographer and I'm just looking to build my portfolio. Sounds like it wouldn't work, but it's the norm in Miami. There are always inspiring photographers walking around with their cameras in hopes of photographing unique faces or street personnel. That's one exciting thing about Miami. If you have a camera with you while out, you are bound to capture something or some one unique. 

So what Valeria thought was just some weirdo asking to take their photo, really turned out to be this....

And of course she said yes! 

From this point, it was only right to do a fresh engagement photoshoot around the gardens of Vizcaya. It was hot, but emotions were high. Basically the excitement outweighed the 100 degree temps, on this day. Through all the sweat and tears of joy, we made it through our session flawlessly. 


I didn't know Paolo or Valeria prior to our session, but I'm happy they wanted to have me. I enjoyed getting to know their story. It's so precious to see such a young couple happy and in love. At the start of the engagement photos, they kept telling me they needed direction. They didn't know what to do. I told them to just talk to each other; Look at each other. "Pretend that I'm not here." To say the least, I was loving every moment of them enjoying each other. The way she looked at him; The way he looked at her. It was pure bliss. 

To Paolo and Valeria, 
Thank you for trusting me to capture such a precious moment in life. Thank you for bearing with me and this volcanic miami summer weather. haha. You both were amazing. From our brief meeting, I can tell that you two love each other unconditionally. I don't know too many young couples taking the big leap, as you two have, but you give me hope that you're never too young to know what you want out of life. I'm excited to see where your story goes from here!
Again, don't forget about me when you start planning your wedding! I love traveling and I'm looking to do more destination weddings, so keep me in mind when it's time! I would love to continue telling your love story :)