A year ago, today, I photographed this gorgeous beach ceremony in Miami, Florida. It was my first sandy sunset wedding, but *fingers crossed* that it isn't my last. 

Congratulations, Sandra and Tim! You've conquered your first full year of committed love. I've always heard the first 5 years are the hardest, so cheers to the first of many anniversaries! 

Wedding Contributors

Photographer: Arie T. Photography

Venue: Miami Beach Resort & Spa

Event Coordinator: Ana Rubin

Florist: Crystal Ball Events

Cake Vendor: Devine Delicacies

Dj: DJ Lobbo


This was my first time photographing a beach wedding ceremony in Miami and I loved every moment of it. Despite the windy conditions, the temperatures were just right. In a way, they sort of levelled each other. The wind and I had a love-hate relationship that day. I wanted it for the way it made the dresses flow, but it forced the venue to wait until the last minute to put up the sheer decor for the arch.  


Once the ceremony got started, all was forgiven. The whole scene looked as though it were straight from a romance film.  The way the water blended into the sky; the way the waves brushed upon the shore; the way the bride and groom looked into each other's eyes. It was beautiful.


Keep in mind this did take place after daylights saving, so the sun hastily set as I was rushing to get portraits in the beautiful scenery. Luckily, everyone was just eager to get their portraits taken as I was to capture them!

When I tell you this group parties, I MEAN THEY PAR-TAY! The reception was so much fun. Special thanks to the Dj. He really kept the partying going. I think people only really took their seats at the wedding party's entrance and to eat. Other than that, we were all on the dancefloor! If I weren’t so exhausted after my booked time, I would’ve loved to stay and party the night away.

To Sandra & Tim,

Thank you so much for trusting me to photograph such an important life event. It was truly a pleasure meeting you, your family and friends. I hope you’re still as happy as you were the night of your wedding. I hope to cross paths again soon. Keep me in mind when it's time for vows. I'd love to continue telling your story. Keep it fun and keep it live!

Xx,  Arie


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